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History of Hairstyling – Japan

In Japan women’s hairstyles where quite different from Chinese styles. In the 7th Century noble women wore their hair tight to their head with a sickle-shaped ponytail at the back (kepatsu). However, after this period and up until 1345 fashion dictated that women should wear their hair long and unbound as a sign of beauty.

In the Edo Period (1603-1868), women took on much more elaborate styles, in particular they would wear a variety of different buns, decorated with hairsticks, ribbons, flowers and combs.

The next 100 years indicate the same style but with a much larger comb onto the head, which would have had ribbons ad sticks located near the back of the head (being very heavy). But there were also women who would adopt a much simplistic style such as the “box shimada” which consisted of hair being looped on top of the head and a projecting box at the nape of her neck. Thun was also worn on top of the head and secured with a pin.

Men in Japan wore similar hairstyles to Chinese men, pulled tight into a ponytail with the front part shaved. Or the wrester style in which the hair would be pinned to the back of the head and the front part shaved.

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