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Become your own boss

Blog-BecomeYourOwnBoss.001You want to start your own business! You know where to start, you have the experience, but you don’t have the place or money to equip your salon. Well you are not alone.
Change can only occur when you make a conscious decision to make it happen.
You can be worried given the new economic reality of our time. you might be resistant to change,  troubled whether this move will be a success to you and advantageous to you and your precious clients. WORRY NO MORE! Salon Treuvis Suites is your key to unlock your concerns and open up an opportunity of a lifetime.


If you are dissatisfied with your current circumstances, admit that no one can fix them except you. It doesn’t do any good to blame the economy, your boss, your spouse or your family.
“At Salon Treuvis, our professional hairstylists are never treated as a number but as a member”. Rose Altadonna – Owner & Co-founder at Salon Treuvis Suites
  Salon Treuvis Suites is your right platform to start your own business as a professional hairstylist and grow from there. We have the ideal location. We have the most prestigious salon suites in the industry and region; from the suites design layout, services, concierge welcoming and pampering your customers, to the way you – as a professional hairstylist – will be treated, not as a number but as a member. We come with a complete package, meeting and far exceeding customer expectations. Book your 15-minute tour with one of our sales agents, and find out how you can make more money for less the investment in your time and money. This 30 second video explains the opportunity.

In addition to the above services we provide, our prices are competitive. This month, we are offering you the first month (4 weeks) you sign up with us free. An opportunity of a lifetime!!!


The Entrepreneur Magazine listed 3 steps to consider when opening your own business:
  1. Do What You Know: As a professional hairstylist you fit the criteria. You definitely know what you are doing and that’s why you have customers who are loyal to you and willing to go wherever you go.
  2. Do What Others Do…. and learn how to stand out among the crowd. Salon Treuvis suites will distinguish you among other stylists through the quality of service and high end design of our suites your clients will thank you for it.
  3. Solve a Common Problem: The lack of privacy and the one on one attention customers like to enjoy is a common problem in this industry. Running your own salon will eliminate this problem.
Move in by this month, and get 1 month free!!!
We hope to see you soon and join our team of ssuccessful entrepreneurs. Learn from them as they will from you. Work as a team while keeping 100% of your income. Call us now at 586.248.4227 or contact us at SalonTreuvis.com

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