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Salon Suite Testimonials

Suite #102 — iCandy Salon Testimonial
Candace Kelley
Candace KelleyHairstylist
I’ve been at iCandy within Salon Treuvis since its opening November 2013. Am I’m glad I made the move? YES! It’s a beautiful, amazing place to work. I love the fact that I take care of everything, from scheduling my clients, setting my own work schedule, and the best part is I get to do the job I love in the privacy of my own fully equipped suite. It’s a stress free work environment, I love that and so do my clients.
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Suite #103 — Courtney Marie Salon Testimonial
Courtney Kadlitz
Courtney KadlitzHairstylist
I’ve been a stylist for 8 years; I couldn’t have found a better calling. I enjoy the conversations and relationships you build with my clients over time. So deciding to make the move from a regular salon to a salon suite was a difficult decision to make. However, it ended up being the best decision I made. Now that I’m my own salon suite owner, I’m able to make my own hours on my own schedule, while also being accessible to my clients. Being in a brand new, high-end salon suite definitely has its perks. Having amazing receptionists who greet every client, makes it so personable. Then having your own suite that is big enough for guests to visit with one another, but also intimate enough if you want that one-on-one conversation. My clients love the new salon, and I couldn’t be happier.
Suite #105A — Salon Adell Testimonial
Cher Pelchat
Cher PelchatHairstylist
I love the salon suite concept because it allows me to have the flexibility in my schedule to work the hours that work best for me and my clients, including Monday and evening hours. This is my second time in a salon suite setting, the first time was in North Carolina. I was excited to see that Salon Treuvis has the same high standards and attention to detail that I had come to expect for my clients comfort and overall “salon experience.” And…Salon Treuvis Studio Suites has taken it to an even higher level with a full time Hostess to greet clients and make them feel welcome. It makes a huge difference to have someone who greets clients, gets them coffee or water and keeps things clean and tidy. It allows me to spend more time focusing on the client in my chair. My clients really love coming in because they feel they are catered to the entire time they are with us. One of the other things I love about Salon Treuvis is that everyone interacts and is friendly and professional. No drama, that you often see in traditional salons. My clients have commented on how surprised they were the first time they came in. They said they expected it to be like a little room with no windows and no interaction with other people in the building. They were blown away by the great view from all the windows in my suite and how friendly everyone made them feel. Making the move to Salon Treuvis Studio Suites has proven itself extremely successful based on how happy my clients are, and based on how my clientele has grown since I have been here.
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Suite #105B — Shear Glamour Testimonial
Kara Lauinger
Kara LauingerHairstylist / Color Specialist
After 11 years of being a stylist in a salon, I was ready to venture out on my own. I have managed a salon in the past and knew I was looking to grow as a stylist and as an individual. I am so thankful that I came across Salon Treuvis Studio Suites; the Studio Suites are filled with amazing stylists. Having the pleasure of being surrounded by true talent everyday is an amazing feeling. After being apart of this talented group of people for almost a year I know that this is my home. I am excited to be able to have this opportunity not only for myself but for my clients as well. I have learned so much about myself as a stylist; being able to grow in areas of all hair needs. Not being limited to use ONLY the hair color or products that a typical salon says you must use is a liberating feeling. I now can explore the world of hair and create art with ANY and EVERY product imaginable. Thank you for providing an absolutely stunning salon suite for me to call my own. Shear Glamour has taken off in the last year and I can’t wait to see what the next year has to offer.
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Suite #108 — Styles by Dani Testimonial
Danielle VanNess
Danielle VanNessHairstylist
Salon Treuvis is a wonderful place to work. It has a great atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and very helpful! When my client comes in to see me, they feel like their celebrates!! They love the experience & the one-on-one time, makes them feel very special!
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Suite #110 — Hair by James, PLLC Testimonial
James Welch
James WelchHairstylist
I have been in the beauty industry since 1988 and I have to say this place is amazing. Complete elegance and sophistication. The privacy and personal attention is what clients are looking for and at Salon Treuvis you get that from each Salon Suite owner.
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Suite #111 — Indigo Hues Beauty Salon Testimonial
Toliah Rose
Toliah RoseCosmetologist
I first came to Salon Treuvis Studio Suites only 4 months out of Cosmetology School. I always knew I wanted to have my own salon suite, but I wanted a luxury suite that was well above the competition. Salon Treuvis is that and more! My salon guests love the professional staff, beautiful decor, and privacy that Salon Treuvis provides. I also enjoy the 24/7 flexibility that I have to schedule a guest whenever I want. The surveillance camera’s provided inside and outside of the building are also a great safety comfort. The perks that Salon Treuvis offers, has helped my clientele grow quickly! Working here has truly been an experience and I enjoy. I love coming to work at Salon Treuvis Studio Suites, and my guests do to.
Suite #113 — Cut Loose Salon Suite Testimonial
Chris Vujnov
Chris VujnovSalon Owner & Hairstylist
I was a traditional salon owner for 21 years before moving to Salon Treuvis Studio Suites. It was the perfect time to move to a salon suite, and my Treuvis Suite is the perfect place. I’m so pleased as my clients have followed me loyally to my Salon Suite. I enjoy the new salon environment because it’s a great balance of support yet independence; my clients love the welcoming and convenient concept. There has been such a reduction in the stress of management, and now I get to focus more on what I love: doing hair. At the same time, I have the freedom of owning my own business. I think a Treuvis Studio Suite is the right choice for anyone looking to have a professional (yet low-maintenance) salon of their own. The common areas are decorated beautifully, are kept spotless, and have a wonderful support staff.
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