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Salon Suites Startup Questions (FAQ’s)

What is A Suite Salon?

Salon Treuvis has taken the salon industry by storm, adding luxury and modern design to the suite concept. We offer the benefit of individual or shared suites that include high end finishes and premium salon equipment, custom styling station cabinetry, major utilities, free laundry facilities, free business advice, award winning design, and much more. Now you can have the high end salon at a price comparable to booth rentals at a standard salon!

Why is Salon Treuvis better than a booth rental or a standard salon?

This is your business. You determine the hours, you keep the profits. A Salon Treuvis Studio Suite has eliminated the anxiety and high start-up costs by providing you a well equipped suite, all major utilities, business set-up resources, co-op advertising, free WiFi, laundry facilities, and much more. Imagine, no sharing of equipment, no more commission sales, work the days and hours that fit your lifestyle, no boss or manager! Plus Salon Treuvis Studio Suites lease rates are competitive to booth rentals at any standard salon.

Am I the right fit for this type of salon concept?

Salon Treuvís is designed for experienced salon professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers. You should be a seasoned industry professional and have a strong client base to support business and studio suite leasing costs.

How does Salon Treuvis help start my business?

Salon Treuvis provides you with personal set-up support. From incorporating your business, to advertising tips; Salon Treuvis has a bundle of services available to you free of charge. In addition we will list your business and its contact information on the salon owners directory on this website. This will immediately help your clients find you online. Then you can focus on your clients and we’ll provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Why should I lease my own studio suite?

To be independent from the traditional salon system. To have freedom to build upon your passion. To bypass the major investment cost of opening your own establishment and give you an opportunity to MAKE MORE MONEY.

By owning your own studio suite with Salon Treuvís, you are able to cater to your clientele, develop your unique brand, make more profits and be your own boss. With Salon Treuvís you can have your own professionally equipped salon open and thriving within days — allowing you to do what you love, without all the costly out of pocket risks, hassles or stress!

Can I set my salon business hours?

You set your own salon schedule. Your suite is available to you 24-7, using a secure magnetic lock system. Salon Treuvis always provides around the clock security and each suite is individually locked allowing you access anytime. In addition, Salon Treuvis use a state-of-the-art Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) camera system and is offsite monitored. You can feel safe at Salon Treuvis Studio Suites day or night.

What equipment can I expect with my studio suite?

Hair stylist suites are equipped with a custom built styling station with granite tops, Stylist chair, backwash system with tilting sink and reclining chair, dryer/chair combo unit.

Massage therapist suites are equipped with massage bed, professional massage stone heater, massage therapy stones, double drawer trolley, bolsters and pro beauty stool.

Skincare professional suites are equipped with hydraulic facial chair and stool, ultra 9-in-1 multi-function facial beauty machine and hot towel cabinet with UV sterilizer.

Each suite also features custom cabinetry with a sink and granite tops. Salon Treuvis studio suites also have a phone system, flat panel TV’s and free WiFi accessible for suite owners and their clients.

Can I decorate and/or paint my salon suite?

Yes, this is one of the unique features we offer. Salon Treuvís wants your studio suite to reflect your personal style and brand. As a Salon Suite Owner, you are free to decorate as you please. However, there are Salon Treuvís guidelines for what is/isn’t accepted. Our leasing staff will go over this in more detail. Salon Treuvis can also offer light carpentry services at very affordable rate to help with hanging shelves, pictures, etc. Just one more item you do not have to worry about.

What else is included with a Salon Treuvís Studio Suite?

Common areas include kitchen, on-site laundry and dispensary, client restrooms, private suite owner restroom, a large client waiting area with complimentary coffee bar and water. All salon suite owners have a private storage closet for overflow products and a private suite owners lounge.

On-site laundry and dispensary, building and ground maintenance, intercom, WiFi, and utilities such as gas, water and electric are all included within weekly rent.

All suites are wired with cable and phone line. Phone company charges are the salon suite owner’s responsibility.

Will my clients follow me and how will they find me?

Salon Treuvis tenants tell us that they retained over 80% of their clients from distances as far as 30 miles away from the salon. As part of our business resource package Salon Treuvis can provide you with readymade postcards to inform clients of your move. Additionally, Salon Treuvis will immediately list your new business on our website, and social media pages. Your clients will be able to find you by doing a simple web search.

How much does it cost to lease a Salon Treuvís Studio Suite?

Salon Treuvis Studio Suites are individually priced based upon the size, location and studio type of each suite. Suite owners pay rent on a weekly basis, which is typically less than what you would pay in traditional salon commission environments. Suite leases range from six months to one year.

Compare traditional salon profits with our Salon Treuvís — Click Here to see the CHAIR RENTAL vs. SUITE RENTAL.

Can I share my suite with another professional?

Salon Treuvis is known for our oversized suites. Many of our suites can easily accommodate two professionals working side-by-side full time, and our doubles can handle a third professional comfortably. If sharing is an option for you, Salon Treuvis has a solution that will fit your budget and allow you to obtain your career goals.

What is my earnings potential at Salon Treuvis?

Your success is our success, and we will provide you all the tools you need to operate a successful business. The following is an average analysis you can do to determine the benefits of operating you own salon suite.

An average salon professional will generally see 30-35 clients per week with an average ticket price of $65.

30 Clients X $65 = $1950 (in hair services)

Don’t forget product sales!

15 bottles of product X $15 each = $225

Average salon suite lease rate is $250 per week.

YOUR TIPS — average 10% in tips on $1950 in sales, is another $195 per week (just think… your tips can just about cover your weekly rent!)

$1950 + $225 – $250 = $1,925 + $195 (tips) = $2,120 versus net income per week

(This example is based on estimates and does not include expenses for supplies or phone)

If you were working at a 50% commission salon with 10% share for product sales your net income per week would be $997.50 vs. $2,120.00 as your own Salon Owner at Salon Treuvis. Wow, that’s $1,122.50 MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! More than DOUBLE YOUR INCOME at Salon Treuvis!

At Salon Treuvis you can offer the salon services you choose at prices you see fit, unlike many standard salons where professionals are restricted to offering a set menu of services, limiting your earning potential.


What do I need to get started at Salon Treuvis?

You are closer than you think to operating your own salon business. To begin the process call us now at (586) 484-5202 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Prior to opening your new business, Salon Treuvis requires you have an approved leasing application, current state issued license, general liability and professional liability coverage, and have submitted the required security deposit.

Salon Treuvis provides business resources and general set-up assistance including discounts on insurance coverage and lease rate incentives to help you get your business off to a great start.

How can I get more information and/or view the salon suites?

Salon Treuvis is always available to you. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and send us a note with your questions, or you can call our leasing office RIGHT NOW at (586) 484-5202.
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